About Me

I have been working with young people (aged 3 – 18 years) for nearly 20 years and have experience of working in mental health (in the NHS), education and social care settings.

I am a fully qualified, experienced Play Therapist and have worked in CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) services in the NHS as a children’s mental health worker for approximately 6 years.

The British Association of Play Therapy (BAPT) describe Play Therapy as follows, “Play Therapy is a way of helping children express their feelings and deal with their emotional problems, using play as the main communication tool”.

Being qualified to use play to communicate therapeutically means that neither myself nor my client are limited by having to rely on words to communicate. We can use sand trays, play, art, drama, clay, play doh and other creative ways of expressing feelings, fears or desires. With children this is crucial as if they are only supported to communicate through words we severely limit what they are able to communicate to the adults around them. It is also helpful with teenagers who are reluctant to talk, and even for us adults when we just can’t find the words to express the depths of what we are feeling. If you need any persuading on this matter watch this short clip from the Association for Play Therapy (an American organization)…

I hold the following qualifications:

  • A Post Graduate Diploma in Client-Centred Play Therapy (2005 ). This qualifies me to work as a therapist
  • DDP Level One (Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy)(2014)
  • Certificate in Foundational Theraplay (2016)
  • TRE certification(tension and trauma releasing exerecises) (Jan 2018)
  • A Primary P.G.C.E (2001)
  • A Psychology degree (1996)

I am a full Member of BAPT (The British Society of Play Therapists). On their web site BAPT state that they are ‘the first and foremost professional association for Play Therapy in the UK. BAPT represents QUALITY ASSURANCE for Play Therapy’. Registration means that the play therapist meets the BAPT standards for education, training, professional skills, health and behaviour. Please check out The British Association of Play Therapy for further information on Play Therapy.

It is crucial that if you are looking for a professional to help you with emotional and behavioral issues that you work with someone who is fully qualified, a member of the relevant professional body and has a current DBS check (this is the old CRB check or police check).

Chrissie is a registered Play Therapist, Certified Foundational Theraplay Practitioner and Qualified TRE Practitioner. Sessions are usually held at Hannahs, at Seale-Hayne near Newton Abbot. She can be contacted on 07840069075 or childtherapysouthdevon@gmail.com.