What I Offer

I offer one-off consultations and on-going sessions.

I offer play therapy for children, counselling for teens and I offer therapy, including Internal Family Therapy (IFS) sessions, to adults. In sessions creative resources are available for your use (sand, drawing, metaphor).

One-off consultations offer parents/ the opportunity to ‘check in’ with a qualified and experienced young people’s therapist. It is possible to use this appointment in many ways: you may wish to share your concerns with a professional and to decide together whether there is an issue that needs addressing or not; to think through new ways of responding to your child’s (or client’s) behaviour/emotions; to explore what could be at the root of the issue or to gain a better idea of your child’s (or client’s) inner world.

I am able to offer the following support:

  • Individual  therapy for adults, teens and children
  • Parenting support and strategies
  • Play Therapy (particularly useful for children aged approximately 3 to 12 years)
  • Theraplay® Informed sessions
  • Joint sessions with parent/s and their child or teen
  • Guidance for parents/carers to learn how to use Child-Centred Play with their children (this on its own may be enough to solve some issues)
  • Support for those working in the children’s workforce

If there is a way in which you’re wondering if I can help that is not mentioned on this page please do contact me to discuss things further.