Support for Parents/Carers

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of parents and their children, so firstly let me reassure you that I have met with many dedicated and loving parents who are still struggling with the trials and tribulations of bringing up children!

Sometimes the challenges are due to a difficult circumstance (maybe bereavement, divorce or separation, bullying, a traumatic incident, an illness), but sometimes parent’s are not sure why things are difficult. And sometimes a parent’s own childhood has led to difficulties which may impact on the way they parent. Whatever the reason, I’m sure that I have heard a similar set of circumstances from other parents; it’s not that this is only happening to you.

I offer a safe, supportive and reflective space for parents and carers who are concerned about their child/teen’s emotional well-being and/or behaviour.

A parent may need support to manage their child’s behaviour, or guidance on how to help their family through a challenging life experience. Or they may wish to explore what might be going on in their child’s inner world and how they may support their child with this. Or it may be that their child is showing some really challenging behaviour and they have reached the end of their tether.

In some situations it can be helpful for me to work with the parent/s and child in a session together, other times it seems to work best for me to meet with the parent/s in one session and then the child in a separate session. Either way, you will be in charge of this process.

Depending on the situation it may be possible to just work with the parent/s and not the child. One of the benefits of working with the parents only can be that it means that the child/teen themselves don’t need to meet with me- especially useful with a teen who is adamant “I’m not going to see any counsellor!”, or who thinks “You’re the one with the problem, not me!” You might be surprised that there are things that are within your control that you can do to ease the situation and potentially, with time, to transform it.

There are many ways in which parents have used sessions with me and we can decide together about how to use the session/s; I will be guided by your needs and that of your child. It may be that you want to:

  • have some support with how the situation is impacting on you personally
  • gain further insight about what’s going on from your child’s perspective
  • understand your child’s behaviour better
  • think about new ways of responding to your child’s emotions or behaviours
  • think together about how to help your family cope with a difficult situation, or life event
  • know more about the developmental issues that may be contributing to the situation
  • learn new ways of responding to challenging behaviour
  • learn new ways of managing specific issues, eg anxiety, anger, sibling rivalry, sleep problems etc
  • Or you may simply wonder if there is something more that you can do to help your child.

    Please click on this link and scroll down the page to see a list of the types of issues I have experience of supporting parents and carers with Welcome Page.

    Through working with me parents have reported that they feel more confident and skilled with how they respond to their child; that they understand their child more fully and feel closer to them as a result; that they know how to talk to their child in a way that the child responds positively to; that they feel like a family again; that they know how to help their child with their difficult feelings now; and it’s not unusual for parents to tell me that they “feel like they have got their child back again”.

    Chrissie is a professional Play Therapist, offering Play Therapy, Theraplay-based interventions, counselling and therapeutic parenting support. She covers much of Devon (including Torbay, Teignbridge, parts of East, Mid and West Devon, Cornwall and Somerset). She can be contacted on 07840069075 or